It's almost Halloween!

October 18, 2017

I love Halloween. No I mean I really LOVE Halloween! I usually start planning my costume in August. I very rarely buy store-bought costumes because I object to paying hundreds of dollars on cheap see-thru polyester rags made really, really small.


Here are a few of my favourite years for costumes.

Back in 2007 [wow ten years ago] my friends and I assembled a giant group costume of the Justice League. There aren't really that many well known women heroes in the group other than Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Since those were already taken I decided to be the Huntress. Unfortunately no one knew who I was and they called me Batgirl all night. Oh well. That's what happens when you pick obscure characters.








































In 2008, I ​was in another group costume, this time as a pirate. I bought a real leather corset online with steel boning and I made the headdress out of some cheap curtain fringe. Here's the result. That corset has been used so many times.


In 2009, I went for something more conceptual. I was creating my own character and accidentally ended up looking like Ermac from Mortal Combat. Oops.





In 2010 I went for a more underworld-type vampire. I traded leather corsets with a friend and got the teeth caps. FYI. They really make you slur your words but they look subtle and realistic.



Looking over my costumes over the years, I noticed a running theme. Can you guess what it is?


If you guessed corsets. Well maybe, but the real theme of these costumes is the terrible pictures. I spent so much time putting these costumes together and the photos are awful!


 Bad lighting, bad backgrounds, red eye. The list goes on.


This year, I plan on having a really good photo for my costume. I scored a ticket to the Royal BC Museum's Night Shift. About 1,100 tickets sold out in 31 minutes so I feel really fortunate to get one. The museum's theme this year is Dark Circus so I'm going as some kind of unsettling circus performer.


Since I'm setting up a mini studio, I thought I would give others in the Greater Victoria the same chance. Want a really good photo of your costume for your social media?








Friday Oct 27 and Saturday Oct 28th, I'll be taking appointments for Halloween costume shoots. $25 gets you a well-lit studio session to style your photo right. You'll scroll through the photos immediately and pick your best three. I'll clean them up and send you digital copies perfectly sized for your Instagram and FB accounts. Don't spend all that money and effort to put together a costume only to have a blurred night-time shot in a club to show for it. Reservations are being taken now. Click on our Book Online button at the top of the page and choose group sessions to see what's available. My FB photo is going to be fantastic this year. Is yours?





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