• Laurie Granberg

Princess Culture is what you make it

There are many schools of thought about Princess Culture and whether it is harmful for women and girls. Critics argue it is too limiting. That women do nothing more than sit around and wait to be rescued by a prince.

I firmly believe one of the most important tentpoles to feminism is the right to choose. The princesses in my stories aren’t waiting for a guy because they are too busy on their own adventures. And if they want to wear an enormous poofy dress while adventuring then it will be so!

I’ve mulled over the reasons why I and many other adult women love those giant tulle dresses and I’ve come to the conclusion that they are JUST FUN! It’s a chance to put aside the responsibilities of adulthood and play. Not once on any of my photo shoots has any of my princesses even mentioned a prince. Sorry manly heroes! We are too busy conquering kingdoms and we definitely don’t need rescuing. If we are at the top of the tower it’s because that’s where we want to be and when that becomes boring, we’ll go do something else.

And if you don’t want wear a giant dress, that is your choice. As an adult, you can make your princess look any way you want and do anything you want. That is is your power. You are royalty after all, if just for a few hours.

If you want to come play princess with Catch A Kiss Photography, all are welcome no matter your age, size or gender. Just throw us an email at catchakiss@yahoo.ca for a free consultation and we can chat about being the hero of your own story.


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