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Payment Plans explained

Want to be pampered with one of our kiss packages complete with full hair and makeup but can't swing the cost right now? A personal photo shoot doesn't have to be out of reach. We offer two or three-month payment plans. Here's how it works!

When booking one of our full Catch A Kiss Photography packages, A non-refundable $150 retainer is required to secure a date. This is so we can start the pre-shoot process required for every session and pays for both hair and makeup services. There are lots of things to do before your shoot but that's another blog post.

Once your date is secured, you have the option of splitting your payments into two or three payments. Here's the breakdown example.

If you book our Tender Kiss Collection at $475

$150 nonrefundable retainer - pays for hair/makeup and the pre-shoot process

$25 is required the day of the shoot then your payments can be split into 3

$100 will be your first payment on a predetermined date

$100 will be your second payment the following month

$100 will be your final payment in the third month.

In the meantime, your pictures will be edited quickly and you will have your personal reveal date. You'll be able to pick your final photos but I can't release them until the final payment.

So what do you get when you book a Catch A Kiss Package? Here's the details!

Professional Hair and Makeup Services

All of our packages include hair and makeup services by professionals currently working in the industry. Our stylists work runway shows and TV/Film production so they know what to do to make you look your best. We haven't had a client yet that hasn't been impressed with their before and after pictures before their shoot.

The Photo Shoot

The photo shoot is usually in my studio with professional lights, backgrounds and props. We often include dynamite accessories that really bring your session over the top. As your photographer, I will help you with a variety of poses and angles that will really bring out your sexy side. It's perfectly natural to feel nervous but that soon goes away as we collaborate to create fabulous pictures.

The Reveal

One week later I've gone through your photos, professionally edited them in Photoshop and you are ready for your reveal. You can either come back to my studio or I can meet you at the location of your choice to show your your pics. You decide your favourites according to your package and You'll receive them on our custom crystal hard drive. This is also your time to decide whether you want a keepsake album or one of our custom little black boxes. FYI! You can finance your albums and prints too!

Referrals get you product credit!

Want discounts on your albums, prints or little black box? Clients can also enroll in the Catch A Kiss Referral Program. Every referral you send our way who books and completes a full session rewards you with a $50 credit. Limited Edition referrals gets you $25 credit. You can stockpile this credit for upcoming sessions or products. Ten referrals gets you a free session or that leather bound photo album you've been eyeing! Your friend gets discounts too! Win-win!

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