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Stop giving bad gifts!

I get it. finding a Christmas gift that they will love is hard. Especially for my family. I have received some terrible gifts over the years. Some of these gifts have been so bad that my friends eagerly wait until Christmas day to find out what bizarre thing I'm bringing home. Here's just a few of the WTF? gifts I have been given throughout the years. Please note this is just the tip of the iceberg.

- Green goo that makes a farting noise when you stick your finger in it. [I was 28 years-old]

- A nose whistle in the shape of an elephant.

- A fake plastic snakeskin jacket four times too large. My 6'2 buddy zipped us both into it and announced it should be our Halloween costume that year. I nixed that idea.

- A 25lb snow globe so large that you have to hit a button to see the snow swirl because you might concuss yourself if you tried to shake it.

I refused to take it on a plane. YOU try getting that through airport security.

- A massive iron honey comb-shaped spice rack with 18 glass containers.

Another fun thing to take on a plane.

- A collectors plate with a little girl and her dog on it. {I was 18 years-old and did not collect such things]

These are bad gifts. They are so bad that I don' t even have pictures of them for this post. I can honestly say I did not have to fake surprise when I pulled each of these little gems out of their boxes. Now before you start thinking I'm an ungrateful brat, [She should be lucky to get anything at all!] let me explain why I don't like these gifts. They have nothing to do with the kind of person that I am. They are at best impersonal and at worst a potential re-gifting of something they didn't want either.

And believe me, everyone has enough slippers, socks, smelly soaps and hand cream to last several lifetimes. So if you live in the greater Victoria area of British Columbia, I'm going to help you out. I guarantee they will not expect this but they will love it!


Give them a gift that will actually last a lifetime. They will have these pictures for years to come and it will give them a boost of confidence every time they see them. Now who wouldn't want that?

Just head over to our site and pick your package. You can find our gift certificates in the Christmas card tab on the website's menu bar. We will even gift wrap and hand deliver to you so you don't have to worry about that either. Bonus! You automatically get our little black box included free! A $100 value.

Our little black box contains ten of your favourite prints from the photo shoot on silver halide photo paper mounted on rigid substrate. These prints are durable and environmentally friendly. They will be stored in an elegant and simple black gift box. Perfect for a bedside table or discretely tucked away on a shelf.

Now I'd say that beats an elephant-shaped nose whistle any day!


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